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Friday, Oct 30, 2020

BVI joins regional collaborative effort to rid Caribbean of sargassum nuisance

BVI joins regional collaborative effort to rid Caribbean of sargassum nuisance

A programme entitled the ‘Caribbean Programme for Sargassum’ is expected to be among the many regional cooperation plans to be put in place to eliminate the growing threat of sargassum seaweed from within the region.
According to a recent government media release, the announcement was made at the first International Conference on Sargassum held in Guadeloupe from October 23 to 26.

Representing the territory at the meeting was Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources, Labour and Immigration Dr Marcia Potter.

She said the programme will be financed by the European Territorial Cooperation Fund (INTERREG) and led by the Guadeloupe region.

In addressing the many delegates at the event, Dr Potter said she believes regional cooperation is the solution to resolve the growing sargassum issue being faced in the Caribbean.

“The resolution must go beyond cleaning up our coastlines and putting up barriers as we do now, as this will only lead us into spending millions of dollars each year.

We need cost-effective strategies and technologies to address sargassum,” Dr Potter stated.

“The government and people of the Virgin Islands look forward to continued collaboration to address this threat and trust that we will develop the know-how to turn this negative threat into a positive opportunity,” she added.

The meeting was attended by official delegations from multiple countries, territories and regional organisations including the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS).

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