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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

BVI needs a new political party — Skelton Cline

BVI needs a new political party — Skelton Cline

Radio talk show host and clergyman Pastor Claude Skelton Cline has posited that a new political party is needed in the BVI to appeal to the electorate in the next general election.
The two major political parties in the BVI are the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) and the National Democratic Party (NDP). There are also the two relatively new parties, the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) and Progressives United — the latter of which was founded by Third District Representative Julian Fraser.

But Skelton Cline said the current political parties are yielding ‘diminishing returns’ and a new political party would inject excitement into the community amid the turbulent political times in the BVI.

“These are not ordinary times. We are not at an ordinary place in our history. It cannot be business as usual. The party politics has just failed us as a people — not because there has not been value and virtue, but we have reached the point of diminishing returns with what currently exists,” said Skelton Cline who added that the new party should be headed by a woman.

“I truly believe that God wants to birth a new nation and we need a woman who will head a group. I don’t care what you call yourself — you can call yourself the Virgin Islands Labour Party — as long as there is a competent person with strength of character, humble strength, integrity and judiciousness. Not a perfect citizen but a benevolent, strong public official,” Skelton Cline said before reiterating that Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Dame Janice Pereira fits this description.

As the BVI anticipates a general election in the next few months, Skelton Cline said residents shouldn’t focus on fighting each other but should place focus on selecting the right candidate to lead the country.

For several weeks now, Skelton Cline has been using his radio show to encourage women to contest the next general election. He said women are needed now because they would bring a fresh perspective to BVI politics especially now that relations with the UK aren’t the best.

His favourite potential candidates also include Najan Christopher who was recently arrested and charged with breach of trust by a public officer.

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