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Monday, Sep 28, 2020

BVI participating in CXC’s 25-year strategic planning

BVI participating in CXC’s 25-year strategic planning

The British Virgin Islands has committed to participate in the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC)’s strategic planning for the next 25 years.

This was announced at the New Testament Church of God International Worship Centre in Baughers Bay on Tuesday, where the first of a series of meetings with Grade 11 students and their parents was held.

Registrar and CEO at CXC Dr Wayne Wesley is in the territory to listen to their concerns as it relates to CXC. The BVI is one of several stops he is making around the region.

He said: “I just see it as very critical at this time for me being newly appointed to move around and understand what are the issues facing the education sector within the region, now that I am at a critical juncture of developing the new strategic plan for CXC for 2021 to 2025.”

“Going forward, that plan needs to be impacted and influenced by what is existing now within the region. So we going around is to really ascertain from our stakeholders what are the issues that you are currently facing and how is it that you would like to see CXC responding. I would use that information to then craft our strategy,” Dr Wesley added.

Transformation underway

In the meantime, the Caribbean region can expect a transformed CXC under his leadership, Dr Wesley said.

“What I am expecting to do as the new registrar is to create a transformation of CXC not being a single entity of itself but as a regional enterprise that is understanding of the issues that faces the region, the risks associated with that and how collectively we can advance the development of the human capital within the region,” Dr Wesley stated.

He explained further: “My efforts are to transform teaching, learning, and assessment through research, helping to create policy changes, that would change the environment during which our students are currently learning.”

Changing the classroom dynamic

Changes will also take place within the classroom setting, the new CXC Registrar said.

“I don’t agree with the current classroom structure. I subscribe to the notion that that environment must change to take into account artificial intelligence, the technology, the digital age that we are in, to ensure that our students are exposed to the best information possible, the best environment for learning. And, to ensure that when we look at our education system in the region, we are operating within a 21st-century framework and beyond.”

“So my aim is to transform the education landscape, looking at the teacher, learning and assessment, transform the credentials in landscape, digitizing that so we start working in digital credentials and certifications and to make sure that our citizens, everybody leaving school is leaving at a level that can function within society with the minimum competencies required. So if I do achieve the transformation of the sector in that way, I think I would have made my contribution,” Dr Wesley said.

The meetings will continue with the principals of the public and private schools today.


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