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Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

BVI crossroad: to remain and give up hopes for repatriation or to VIexit and fight for it with zero chance to succeed

BVI people must decide whether they prefer to remain subjects, become independent, or change their masters and join their US VI sister. Talks about justice and reparation sounds right and fitting, but the chance that the UK will pay anything they can avoid is literally zero.

I am not taking a standpoint on this issue. It’s up to the BVI people to decide for themselves. But I do detect many warning signs of instability, dirty tricks and hypocrisy - as a direct result of the importance of what is at stake.

The tension between Governor Jaspert and Premier Fahie is healthy, as it brings into the spotlight the necessary discussion about the issue that is undermining BVI’s peace of mind:

Are you living in a real democracy, or are you just a subject in a monarchy? 

Do you have the right to reparations? Or is it better that you shut up and thank God that you’re not a slave? 

Are you really looking for independence? Or are you just looking to replace your sophisticated British Masters with poor American slave-owners? 

Are you really capable of managing your own affairs as Islanders united for the common good? Or are you still at the primitive stage of ripping off each other, instead of making BVI successful for everybody?

I have my answers but I am the wrong person to give them. These are existentialist questions for the BVI, and it should be up to you to answer them. Together. 

To decide once and for all whether to remain, go for VI-exit, or just for VI-change from British masters to Uncle Sam. 

To carry on with the status quo as if there is no problem is not an option. Ignoring this burning issue will divide BVI even more and undermine any chance of BVI becoming as great as the other islands around it.

Governor Jasper

Writing secret letters to the UK complaining about Governor Jasper “wrong doing” is misunderstanding the situation on several levels.

1. The complaint is in fact a compliment to him. He is there to protect the UK from you, and that’s what you are complaining about.

2. Governor Jasper Is in his position to protect the UK’s interest, not yours. And this is what he is doing, quite well and quite assertively, showing great loyalty to his employers. It is obviously wrong from the BVI people and democratic perspective, but absolutely right from British perspective.

3. Once you started the whispers calling for independence and reparations, you left Governor Jasper with no choice other than to cooperate with your opposition and to make sure you are ejected from politics, this way, or another. If not by manipulated election, so my well orchestrated bureaucracy. 

If he does this successfully, Governor Jasper is simply protecting Britain’s interest just as much as if he was the Captain on a British ship. He is defending the UK’s ownership status (which you want to overturn).

Show me one native BVIslander who is doing such a patriotic, heroic and successful job for his voters as Governor Jasper is doing for Her Majesty. None. His future is greater than yours. He will be back home soon,  and will be rewarded with a higher position, just as he deserves from British perspective. You will not get rid of him: you will have to deal with him when he is in a more elevated position.

It’s better that you respect him for doing his job perfectly, and find a friendly way to make progress on your absolutely right and just agenda.  Work with him, instead of fighting against his understandable, admirable  and patriotic standpoint. He is the boss. You are not.

He is the boss not because has the right to do so - but only because you kneel down.

Do not blame him. Not the mouse steals - the hole steals.


Quote of the Day

Embrace what you don’t know, especially in the beginning, because what you don’t know can become your greatest asset. It ensures that you will absolutely be doing things different from everybody else.

Sara Blakely
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