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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

BVI Red Cross certifies 17 under Home Care programme

BVI Red Cross certifies 17 under Home Care programme

The BVI Red Cross last week held a graduation ceremony for 17 new caregivers as part of its Home Care Basics Programme.
A release from the non-profit explains that the 12-week programme enables graduates to provide home care and support for the elderly and persons suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses.

Graduates are eligible to be employed at medical facilities and in private homes through the Social Development Department’s Elderly Care Programme.

At the December 22 graduation ceremony, Programme facilitator, Nurse Emerald Pemberton said: “As an extension of healthcare, home care basics workers are very important, as they are the extended arm of nursing.”

The 2020 graduates are Athena Stanley, Merle Wallace, Carmain Hodge, Judene Parker-Smith, Theodore Blake, Sonia Small, Trisha Montaque, Arlene Kilaton, Nancy Amores, Nordea Thomas-Robinson, Cherline Stanislaus, Emily McFee, and Greta Harris.

BVI Red Cross Director Stacy Lloyd said she is proud of all 13 caregivers and encouraged the wider public to sign up for the next instalment of the Home Care Basics programme in 2021.

The Home Care Basics Programme was started in 1997 by three nurses — Rita Frett-Georges, Ruth Evans and Els Blok. Their vision for the programme was to “improve the quality of services provided to the elderly and sick in the community”.

Since its inception, the programme has graduated more than 300 caregivers.

The Red Cross movement is a volunteer-based international humanitarian organisation.

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