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Sunday, May 09, 2021

BVI Resident With Rare Cancer Seeks Funding

BVI Resident With Rare Cancer Seeks Funding

Relatives of a British Virgin Islands resident, who has been diagnosed with a rare cancer, is currently seeking crowd-funding to assist in her medical expenses.

Nickita Pompey-Bakker, a national from St. Vincent and the Grenadines is now a patient in a Puerto Rican hospital undergoing chemotherapy for Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma.

According to, Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma is a rare cancer, also known as Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia that develops in the bone marrow. Waldenstrom cells produce an overabundance of antibodies called macroglobulins, which may build up in the marrow and crowd out healthy cells. Symptoms include vision problems, headaches and excessive bleeding.


Friends and relatives of Pompey-Bakker have since spare headed two fundraising drives in hopes of reaching the $10,000 goal for her medical expenses.

The first fundraiser was a Go Fund Me Account created on January 25, 2021, by Kelvin Bakker her husband, that has so far raised $9,468 from roughly 100 donors.

He said, “My wife Nickita Pompey Bakker was diagnosed with Rare Lymphoma on January 18, just weeks after she gave birth to our third child. We are currently In Puerto Rico, where she is being treated with chemotherapy.”

He continued, “I know that due to Covid-19 pandemic, things are more complicated than ever. Nickita is a strong and loving person, and it truly breaks my heart to see her go through this, especially having to leave our children behind while she undergoes treatment. Your donation of any or if you took any time to read this message and isn’t in a position to donate please keep us in your prayers. God Bless.”

The page further informed that Pompey-Bakker is “doing well” and has completed her first session of chemotherapy.

In the meantime, the second fundraiser will take the form of a 5K Run and Walk.

It is slated to take place on Saturday, February 27 at the T. B. Lettsome International Airport car park commencing at 5.30 am. A registration fee applies.


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