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Monday, Sep 20, 2021

BVI’s criminal expat ‘elements’ should’ve been cleaned years ago

BVI’s criminal expat ‘elements’ should’ve been cleaned years ago

Describing expatriate residents as ‘elements’, Cabinet-appointed member of the Financial Services Appeal Board, Julian Gordon has cast blame on expats for some of the “violent behaviour” that has been happening in the territory.
Gordon was at the time speaking on his radio talk show on ZBVI, The Hot Seat.

Citing generic and unspecified research, Gordon said expatriates import traits and factors common in the countries from where they migrated.

“In sociology and other studies, they will tell you that, in fact … the incoming elements are going to bring with them certain elements which are common to their population grouping,” Gordon stated.

“We have over time seen an influx of a number of people who have brought their young children into this country and other persons who have come in as adults who come with some very difficult variants of behaviour. And they have affected the body politics of the country, they’ve affected the social developments in the country,” he added.

He continued: “We should have already cleaned house 20 years ago in terms of some of the elements that we see that have been happening. Some persons come in and you see four and five of their young offspring engaged in criminal behaviour. And we simply sit down and watch it develop.”

Since the start of the year, the BVI has recorded a series of murders and what police describe as “unexplained deaths”. There have also been a spate of high-profile drug incidents, robberies, and firearm-related offences.

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