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Tuesday, Oct 03, 2023

British Virgin Islands' Culture Department in Crisis, Says Eileen Parsons

British Virgin Islands' Culture Department in Crisis, Says Eileen Parsons

The British Virgin Islands' (BVI) Culture Department is in crisis according to cultural icon Eileen Parsons.
She believes that the department, which is responsible for preserving and promoting the BVI's culture, is on "life support" and in need of immediate attention.

Parsons, who was the territory's first Cultural Officer in 1954, is calling for a revival of the BVI's culture, which she believes has been rapidly deteriorating.

In particular, Parsons is concerned about the transformation of the popular Rise and Shine Tramp during the August Festival into what some have been calling a j'ouvert.

She believes that this could not happen if there was proper guidance coming from the government's culture unit.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has also recognized the importance of culture in the BVI's tourism industry and has tasked the Recovery and Development Agency (RDA) with drawing up plans for multiple cultural and educational initiatives.

The RDA is expected to complete designs for a national cultural museum, national library, national archives, national art gallery, and national performing arts centre by 2023.

Dr Wheatley has emphasized that these initiatives will play a vital role in educating and enriching the resident and visitor population through an examination of the BVI's heritage and culture.

Parsons believes that the BVI's culture is an important part of the territory's identity and that it should be preserved and promoted.

She is optimistic that the RDA's initiatives will help revive the BVI's culture and bring it to the forefront of the territory's tourism industry.

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