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Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

BVI's Jenely Fraser Is Newest Barrister

Ms Jenely Fraser became the BVI's newest barrister to be admitted to the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court in the Territory of the Virgin Islands on Thursday, November 21.
Before a packed gallery at the High Court, Justice Vicki Ann Ellis accepted the application which was moved by Ms Colleen Farrington and supported by Mrs Lisa Penn-Lettsome and Ayana Hull.

In making the application, Ms Farrington referred to Ms Fraser's high academic achievements. Ms Fraser completed her law degree in 2017 with honours and went on to complete law school in 2019 and was awarded the Legal Education Certificate from the Norman Manley Law School in September this year.

Ms Fraser presently works at Walkers and is the recipient of that Firm's training contract. In support of the application, both Mrs Penn-Lettsome and Ms Hull spoke of Ms Fraser's Christian up bringing, her kindness and her humility.

Justice Ellis urged the new lawyer to uphold the high standards of the bar, to always remember those who supported her and to not disappoint anyone as she embarks on a career of ever-learning.

The Judge further reminded Ms Fraser that, in spite of her previous five years of study, she is only now beginning to really learn the law.

The gallery was packed with supporters including Ms Fraser's family, friends, former teachers, and colleagues. Several senior members of the bar were also present, including Mr Stephen Daniels and Mr Richard Rowe both of whom she said never refused to help when she reached out to them for guidance during her studies.

In her response, Ms Fraser assured everyone that she takes her oath very seriously and was thankful to every single person who had a part to play, however big or small, in her achieving this milestone.

Ms Fraser is a native of the BVI and the daughter of Denniston and Beverly Fraser.

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