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Friday, Jan 22, 2021

BVI supports regional cooperation across wider C'bean

BVI supports regional cooperation across wider C'bean

The British Virgin Islands continues to support regional cooperation in the wider Caribbean, despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.
On 14th August, Special Envoy of the Premier Mr Benito Wheatley attended virtual meetings of the standing committees of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) where participants discussed progress on implementation of the regional body’s Triennial Plan of Action (2019- 2021), against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Special Envoy participated in the meeting of the Caribbean Sea Commission whose primary objectives are to ensure the sustainability of the Caribbean Sea and achieve its recognition as a special zone for Sustainable Development recognised by the United Nations (UN).

He also participated in the Special Committee on Sustainable Tourism that is working to establish a Sustainable Tourism Zone of the Greater Caribbean (STZC).

Commenting on the ACS meetings, Mr Wheatley said: “Premier Honourable Andrew A Fahie made a commitment to regional cooperation at the ACS Heads of Government Summit in 2019 in Nicaragua. BVI Government has followed up on this commitment through engagement and participation in the ACS, among other things. The BVI and our ACS partners have a shared interest in ensuring the economic and environmental sustainability of the Caribbean, particularly in the face of Covid-19 and climate change. We will continue to engage on the regional agenda via ACS and contribute in any way we can to the implementation of the Triennial Plan of Action.”

The BVI joined the Association of Caribbean States in 2018 as an Associate Member.

The membership of the regional body includes the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean connected to the Caribbean Basin, as well as several Observer Countries and institutions.

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