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Thursday, Oct 29, 2020

BVI to host overseas infrastructure training exercise, govt says much to be gained

BVI to host overseas infrastructure training exercise, govt says much to be gained

Government has granted permission to a group called ‘528 Specialist Team Royal Engineers’ (STRE) to conduct their annual overseas infrastructure training exercise in the British Virgin Islands.

The engineers, who provide power and electrical capacity to government agencies, are scheduled to begin the training exercise in September.

A report from Cabinet’s July 2 meeting said the territory has much to gain from hosting this exercise which it said comes at no direct cost to the government.

“The government of the Virgin Islands will benefit by gaining … a better understanding of the current condition of key infrastructure, allowing for better prioritisation of future capital expenditure as well as having 528 STRE on the ground and ready to assist in the event of a major disaster,” the post-Cabinet report stated.

It also said a number of government offices will be supplementing the exercise. These offices are to include the Office of the Governor which will assist with logistics and planning.

The Recovery and Development Agency’s Chief Technical Officer Tom Lilleyman, acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Works & Utilities Jeremy Hodge, and the Office of the Premier’s acting Permanent Secretary Elvia Smith-Maduro will all serve as technical liaisons to facilitating discussions with participating ministries and departments.

The various ministries involved are expected to forward their reports from the one-month-long exercise back to the Cabinet at the conclusion of the training.


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