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Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

BVI Travel Portal Goes Live

BVI Travel Portal Goes Live

The online BVI Gateway Portal that facilitates the registration of all travellers for authorisation to travel into the Territory from December 1 is now live and is accepting applications.
The portal is located at and can also be accessed via, bvitourism/ and for travellers who are applying to visit the Territory. Once their application is approved, they will be issued a Travel Authorisation Certificate.

Each traveller, including each child, must have completed an application to obtain a travel certificate for presentation to the airline authorities. All travellers can upload their necessary documents through the gateway portal, as well as pay the total fee of $175, which covers all airport and seaport administration fees, the arrival testing as well as the Day 4 PCR tests, the tracking App, and any monitoring devices or bracelets.

Applications must be completed 48 hours prior to travelling and persons who are requesting home/private property quarantine must submit the request seven days prior to arrange inspection of the property by Environmental Health officers.

Additionally, travellers will not be able to board the flight or ferry without their travel authorisation and confirmed negative PCR test results. Travelers are also advised to have a printed or electronic copy of the travel authorisation certificate with them on arrival as well as their negative PCR test results, ticket and passport.

The travel authorisation certificate streamlines the process at the airport and seaport and removes the need to fill out paper forms.

Persons can reach the Reopening Steering Committee via WhatsApp at 284-496-6129 or via email at for more information.

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