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Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

BVIPA rebrands as plans advance to reopen to visitors ‘very soon’

BVIPA rebrands as plans advance to reopen to visitors ‘very soon’

Premier Andrew Fahie has hinted that the territory will be soon reopening its borders for tourism as the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) undergoes a comprehensive rebranding initiative geared towards facilitating the rebooting of the economy.

The Premier gave that indocation on Friday September 18, during the unveiling ceremony of the BVIPA’s rebranding initiative.

He said maintaining the territory’s port services is a key part of reviving the BVI’s economy.

“The British Virgin Islands Ports Authority is of critical value to this economy. It helps to facilitate business continuity through ports and shipping which are an essential part of our socioeconomic environment of this territory,” Premier Fahie stated.

“The director and his team continue to push forward, plan, and get ready for the new regular as visitors prepare to return to come to this territory when we open for that category of persons which will be very soon,” he added.

Can redefine the potential of the ports

Fahie further said the initiative presents an opportunity for the territory to market an enhanced port brand which he believes is an exciting chapter for the agency, once executed to plan.

“Though the process may present various obstacles to overcome, an effective brand transformation can completely redefine the business’ future potential, because a brand is how we connect with our target audience, how we represent ourselves and our consumers,” he stated.

Deep cultural change to come

BVIPA’s Acting Managing Director Dean Fahie said the modern and updated look of the organisation will allow it to stand out from other regional counterparts when marketing its services.

He said: “Our brand migration is not just cosmetic change of logos and products, it is underpinned by a deep cultural change both within the authority and by global markets. As we pursue our strategy by leading regional ports, this refresh brand is evidence of our commitment to keep the BVI moving.”

“As we turn 30, we need to reinvent ourselves in order to remain relevant in a rapidly changing COVID era and marketplace. It is this realisation that has driven our brand migration. Our new corporate identity is intended to inject that values that drive us, that represent us as the BVI Ports Authority,” he explained.

Why the anchor symbol was selected

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the BVIPA Kelvin Hodge outlined why the decision was made to use an anchor as a symbol in the BVIPA’s new logo.

He said the anchor is the best symbol of the ocean which ideally represents the territory’s ports and it also depicts the ports’ stability which is laid on a 30-year foundation.

“It is symbolic of hope when it is lifted from the waters of the port, it represents adventure, a new voyage or journey…The anchor encourages us to follow the plotted course and carry on with our plans, to stay steadfast with our vision for the new dreams we have ahead of us,” Hodge explained.

He added: “The symbolic steadfastness is a representation of the process of our decision making. It says to the world this is where we stand and these are the roads that we are governed by.”


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