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Sunday, May 09, 2021

BVIPA workers will return to regular pay as of December

BVIPA workers will return to regular pay as of December

Daily-paid BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) workers who had their job hours cut six months ago due to COVID-19, will have their wages restored to its original level as of December.

Premier Andrew Fahie made this announcement during his 2021 budget presentation on Thursday, November 12.

Back in May, the BVIPA reduced the working hours of its wage earners from 40 to 30 hours per week because the COVID-19 pandemic had placed a significant strain on its revenues.

But Premier Fahie, who has responsibility for ports, said this is set to change “as the Authority anticipates a significant increase in workload with the expected return of international ferry services and cruise ships in 2021”.

BVIPA cargo warehouse and admin facility to be constructed

In the meantime, his government has also signalled a slew of improvements for the BVIPA. These include a general cargo warehouse which will be constructed next year. Premier Fahie said the new facility has already been designed.

“Once the requisite approvals are attained, the construction will commence in the early part of 2021,” he said.

Additionally, planning has begun for the construction of a new BVI Ports Authority Administration Facility.

“This five-story complex will house the Administrative staff and other government statutory bodies at a price that will be a significant cost saving to central government. To date, structural drawings have been completed,” Fahie stated.


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