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Friday, Jan 15, 2021

Cabinet has approved a $2M aid package to get food to those in need of essential supplies during the seven-day extended lockdown

Cabinet has approved a $2M aid package to get food to those in need of essential supplies during the seven-day extended lockdown

“Simply put your Government has decided to ensure that the finances of basic food packages to be delivered to you the people, those in terms of the seniors and those who are really in need will be the targeted group anyone else who have run out genuinely have run out of food the Government is paying for those food packages and to have them delivered to you," Hon. Fahie stated.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon. Andrew Fahie revealed that the allocation comes from the consolidated fund and will go towards the Health Emergency Operations Centre's COVID-19 fund for the purposes of food provisioning.

Cabinet also agreed that the Client Service Support Centre is supported by the Public Service as required for the management of those in quarantine.

The Premier stated that Cabinet agreed that the Deputy Governor instructs public officers as required to support the Territorial Provisioning Logistical Plan including ensuring sufficient capability for the Food Need Hotline, 852-7688.

"If you have not received any food an you are in need and other needs within this 7 days in terms of medication or food this is a specific hotline to call the number is 852-7688, again for persons who have not received any food or maybe out of food in terms of receiving the basic food package that Government will be supplying for you please call 852-7688," the Premier stated.

He reiterated to the Territory to fear not, panic not.

"I have instructed that we spare no efforts to ensure that for all those who are needy or in need of the food supply, that systems have been put in place to get it to you starting very aggressively from tomorrow. We will reach you at your home, fear not panic not," Hon. Fahie stated.

He continued to reassure that during the extended curfew period, no one under my watch as Premier and Minister of Finance in this Territory will go hungry.

"We thank all those NGOs that continue to help us during this time the Red Cross, Family Support Network, and many others especially Rotary who is on standby with almost 70 persons ready to the production line of getting the basic packages ready to be delivered to the people of the Virgin Islands, to your home sponsored by the Government of the Virgin Islands," Hon. Fahie shared.

Cabinet has agreed that during the curfew, gas stations as authorised by the Governor shall be opened for the sole purpose of serving essential workers; supermarkets, pharmacies, water delivery services would be opened only for serving deliveries; approved home delivery service for essential food supply only from approved supermarkets; and approved Home deliveries of LPG (cooking gas).

Government has agreed that bakeries will open for the purposes of deliveries; commercial farmers for delivery as approved; persons engaged in legal and financial services as approved; heads of Financial Services Commission and Financial Investigation Agency.


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