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Friday, Sep 18, 2020

Cabinet Meets Today Following Decline In Active COVID-19 Cases

Cabinet Meets Today Following Decline In Active COVID-19 Cases

The Cabinet of the Virgin islands will meet today following new encouraging statistics that show a decline in the number of active COVID-19 cases in the territory.
Heath Minister, Hon. Carvin Malone explained that since his last update on September 7, the Territory continued to make steady progress in a concerted effort to contain the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 in our community.

He said over the past three weeks, health teams have been able to quarantine, monitor and test hundreds of primary and secondary contacts of persons who recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

"As of today, the 10th of September, over 4,000 persons have been tested at our local laboratory. One new confirmed positive case was detected on the 9th of September, bringing the total number of recorded cases to 64 with 53 active cases. The most recent person to test positive was a young child associated with a previously detected case, and we pray for their full and speedy recovery," the Minister stated last evening, September 10.

He reported that that 20 additional persons have now been confirmed as fully recovered from COVID-19, hence reducing the active cases to 33 persons.

"This is good news but please bear in mind that we are not out of the woods. In summary, of the previously reported 64 cases there now remains 33 active cases, 30 recoveries, and one death," the Minister stated.

According to the Health Minister, compliance with the existing curfew measures has helped tremendously to limit the spread of the virus, which puts the BVI in a stronger position to safely continue on its quest to reopen our society, the economy and borders.

"Given these positive developments, Cabinet will be meeting on Friday to receive a full briefing and consider policy decisions to further guide the way forward. Continuing on this positive path requires full and active cooperation from all of us. We must remember to take personal responsibility and hold each other accountable for adherence to the Public Health measures that have been put in place to suppress and control the COVID-19 virus," Hon. Malone stated.

He assured that government is leaving no stone unturned in combatting the issues surrounding this latest spike cases.

"We are increasing resources and implementing new measures to ensure the health and safety of us all. This course of action is crucial as we continue to find the right balance between health, safety and the strengthening of our economy. It takes a team to get this done," the Minister outlined.

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