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Wednesday, Oct 27, 2021

Cardano Creator Hoskinson Plans Visit to El Salvador to Discuss Cardano Deployment

Cardano Creator Hoskinson Plans Visit to El Salvador to Discuss Cardano Deployment

Founder of Cardano and IOHK CEO and former Co-Founder of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson has plans to bring Cardano (ADA) to El Salvador.

On the heels of El Salvador’s move to embrace Bitcoin as legal tender, Hoskinson is making an effort to bring the smart contract platform to the nation as well.

Hoskinson says he’s applied for a state visit to El Salvador to discuss the possibility of forming ties between Cardano and the Central American nation.

“Yes, we have been in talks with some officials and parties in El Salvador and I may do a state visit. I sent over all the documentation and requests for that and if so we’ll meet the president but it’s basically going to be in their hands.

We’ve talked to a few people that are in that orbit and they have definitely expressed interest in digitizing the country going beyond just legalizing Bitcoin. So we’ll get a better sense probably in the next 2-4 weeks where that sits and if it’s a proper state visit I’ll actually have a suit made.”

Hoskinson’s plans fall in line with Cardano’s efforts to globalize its activities. IOHK announced a partnership with the Ethiopian government this past April to digitize the identification process in 3,500 schools across the country.

In the future, the blockchain-based national identity system for teachers and students could benefit tertiary educational institutions too.

“The project could ultimately be extended to universities where degrees are also digitally verified on the Cardano blockchain, allowing employers to easily validate the authenticity of applicants’ educational credentials.”

President Bukele Shuts Down Talk Of Other Parallel Cryptocurrencies

With Bitcoin leading the way in El Salvador, interest from altcoin developers is also skyrocketing.

Speaking in an interview with the What Bitcoin Did YouTube channel, President Bukele gave a tentative response to the idea of the entire crypto industry opening up to El Salvador.

He said it’s tricky enough dealing with two parallel currencies in BTC and USD. Adding that, it would be impossible to facilitate ten legal tenders.

“It’s a Bitcoin law. It’s very hard to put in place two currencies, working at the same time. And like I said before, give total freedom to the seller, and total freedom to the buyer at the same time, even if the seller and buyer pick a different currency.”

He stressed that he isn’t going to ban altcoins and altcoin developers are free to also set up shop and invest in El Salvador. But as far as legal tender is concerned, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency for the country.

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