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Thursday, Dec 09, 2021

Careless persons can’t hold BVI economy hostage - Premier

Careless persons can’t hold BVI economy hostage - Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie has insisted that his government has done all it can to protect residents against COVID-19 - including asking everyone to get vaccinated - and cannot allow careless persons to hold the BVI’s economy hostage.
“I’m asking our people let’s not get careless. I do see some slacking off with the wearing of masks. I do some see some slacking off in certain areas.,” Premier Fahie said while speaking at the Taddy Bay airport reopening yesterday.

“We asked everyone to get vaccinated. We asked everyone, if you’re not going to be vaccinated, take care of your immune system. And we cannot let persons who are going to be careless hold our economy hostage,” the Premier added.

The Premier’s appeal comes amid warnings from the government that persons have attended local events recently where there have been positive COVID-19 cases.

Premier Fahie stressed that while his government has not made vaccines mandatory, it continues to strongly encourage it.

“You have to adhere to the protocols, we all have to adhere to them because this government is not shutting down again,” the Premier insisted. “You might get shut down, but we’re not shutting down. [We are moving] full speed ahead!”

“We are not mandating for businesses or persons to be vaccinated, you as an individual have to take that personal responsibility to do that,” the Premier expressed.

“It is also up to the business to decide if they want their staff vaccinated or not — this government will not make the call neither for the individual nor for the business,” he added.

The territory’s leader said everything that could’ve been done has been done with God’s help and everything that could’ve been provided has been provided with God’s help.

The Premier reminded persons that the United Kingdom (UK) has assisted with vaccines and his government has expended more than $150 million in keeping our public officers hired.

“We are here now and we cannot take retrograde steps,” Premier Fahie insisted.

He said 60.6 percent of the population had already taken the first jab while a further 55.3% had taken both jabs and are fully vaccinated.

The Premier promised that the Pfizer vaccine will be in the BVI before the end of the year. He further said booster shots will have started to be distributed by that time.

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