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Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022

Carnival drops mandatory COVID-19 testing for vaccinated passengers

Carnival drops mandatory COVID-19 testing for vaccinated passengers

Carnival Corp's (CCL.N) major cruise lines will drop mandatory COVID-19 testing for vaccinated guests and allow unvaccinated passengers to travel without an exemption in some cases, the company said on Friday.
The decision affects Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruises and Cunard and follows a similar move by rival Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NCLH.N) earlier this week.

Unvaccinated guests - who still have to present a negative COVID-19 result - no longer need to apply for an exemption except for Carnival Cruise's sailings in Australia or on its voyages 16 nights and longer.

The cruise industry has in recent months bounced back from an over one-year-long pause in sailings due to the COVID-19 crisis, but rising inflation and labor constraints pose risks to its outlook.

Oh ya 105 days ago
Why would anyone with at least 2 working brain cells get on a floating petri dish even in the best of times? Had a girlfriend once that worked the ships as a officer and they were told not to drink the tap water, they never told the cattle that as the crew calls the passengers
youknowmyname 106 days ago
You people think we're idiots... what causes problems for the cruise industry 'outlook' is it's following CDC mis-guidance. We, the passengers who pay the bills, REFUSE to be treated like leapers (and, also, refuse to be forced go get the injection). We don't show, then there's no cruise and no money made. They're removing 'restrictions' bit by bit until they get to a level that FREE people will accept.


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