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Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020

Carrot Bay reservoir finally restored, daily supply still to be cut after-hours

Carrot Bay reservoir finally restored, daily supply still to be cut after-hours

Works on the reservoir which services Carrot Bay and surrounding communities have been completed and will now see residents once again enjoying publicly-available running water.
In a statement via a media release recently, Utilities Minister Kye Rymer thanked all residents for their patience during the lengthy restoration period of the reservoir.

“I commend all persons involved in the works of the Cappoons Bay Plant, and further thank you for your services. I also wish to thank the people of the Carrot Bay community for their patience during these long months without a steady water supply,” Minister Rymer stated.

“I am elated that we have been able to complete these works to alleviate the inconvenience that you have been enduring,” he added.

Meanwhile, Director of the Water & Sewerage Department Perline Scatliffe-Leonard is advising residents of a daily water curfew that will see the commodity’s supply during after-hours. She said this measure is to ensure that the reservoir increases its volume of stored water.

“I am happy to see an end result of this project. I am advising the residents that in order to build water levels during the day, water supply will be closed off at night from 9:30 pm,” the director said.

The reservoir which is located near Cappoons Bay was out of commission after sustaining heavy damage during hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Works to restore it was ongoing following the disasters, which has now resulted in its completion after two years.

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