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Cat killer Scarlet Blake found guilty of murdering Jorge Martin Carreno

Scarlet Blake, 26, has been convicted of murdering 30-year-old Jorge Martin Carreno, whose body was discovered in Oxford's River Cherwell in July 2021.
The Oxford Crown Court learned Blake sought a victim on the city streets before encountering Carreno, whom she lured to a secluded spot and killed.

Known for her violent interests, Blake had streamed a cat's death online and expressed a fascination with killing. She previously admitted to cruelty involving the cat, and her sentencing is scheduled for Monday.

Blake, born in China and identifying as transgender since age 12, faced family strife due to her identity. On the night of the murder, Carreno, a Spanish national and Mini plant worker, had been separated from friends after socializing.

He met Blake near the Radcliffe Camera, where she offered him vodka and led him to the river. There, she assaulted and drowned him.

Prosecutors portrayed Blake as deriving pleasure from violence and death. Evidence of her dissecting and blending a cat, which she claimed was to impress an American acquaintance, showcased her gruesome tendencies.

She also indicated an interest in harming humans in recorded audio. The trial revealed her extensive premeditation, as she was spotted on CCTV in gear suggestive of hunting for a victim, a claim she denied.

The officer in charge described the case's evidence as "truly disturbing," and support was offered to the jurors. He emphasized the "calculated cruelty" and "barbaric" nature of Blake's crimes while honoring Carreno's family for their dignity.

Carreno's family remembered him as a beloved and vibrant person, and his loss has left an irreplaceable void.

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