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Monday, Sep 20, 2021

CBRTTP expands its parking facilities

Great News for Residents of the Territory and Guests of the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park (“CBRTPP”) with the provision of additional parking spaces.

Tortola Pier Park Ltd. worked with BVI Ports Authority & Government Agencies to provide additional parking for the 5-acre facility which houses over 60 active Tenants and now accommodates interisland travel between Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Anegada.

The implementation of the additional 60+ parking slots in the area situated on the Eastern facing side of the Ralph T O’Neal Central Administration Complex termed “Customer Parking” reflects an element of TPPL’s Stage 2Parking Policy. This initiative is to address the parking shortage and meet the recent needs of the CBRTP Pin light of Domestic travellers being re-routed to depart and arrive through CBRTPP as a hub.

CEO of Tortola Pier Park Ltd., Mr Vance M. Lewis remarked that this was indeed a monumental achievement which reinforced TPPL’s commitment to International standards as the Customer Parking lot has long been designated as part of the Disaster Management Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Mr Lewis further commented that there has been and continues to be an aggressive approach to improve customer service, and ultimately the addition of expanded parking options which will see an implementation of Tortola Pier Park Ltd.’s 4 Stage Policy.

Guests who wish to partake in the varied offerings at CBRTPP are reminded that there are designated signs strategically placed to offer guidance. Within the Facility, there are 30 parking slots for short term parking, and an additional 5 slots allocated to Taxis during the Cruising season with 3 being assigned to Therapy Works for clients who have significant physical challenges.

1. Upon entering CBRTPP, motorists are to maintain 5 mph and be vigilant for pedestrians and other motorists.

2. Taxis and/or Buses are encouraged to use both drop-off and collection areas within CBRTPP, located at the lay by/pull off by the roundabout upon entry and directly before exit, close to the pedestrian entrance. Vehicles should NOT be temporarily abandoned as the expressed purpose is for the collection of passengers.

3. There should be NO double or triple parking, as visibility of pedestrians becomes compromised which could result in an accident or possible fatality.

4. Carts with storage access have been provided for delivery of cargo to the Ferries via the Boardwalk. There is a weight restriction that prohibits access to the Domestic Ferry area using regular vehicle transportation on said Boardwalk.

5. Vehicles are NOT to be left overnight in the CBRTPP parking lot.

6. Any persons entering CBRTPP to provide services that will require access for loading and offloading for a Tenants’ demised space will be required to show Security that they have been approved. Access Passes are provided from Tortola Pier Park Management Office which is open from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.


1. Tenants, Staff and persons utilizing the Domestic ferry service should park vehicles in the Overflow Parking Lot.

2. Adhere to signage when entering and exiting the overflow parking lot.


1. On the Southern end of CBRTPP between the exit and Pancake Paradise is a dispatch area with 7 provisional slots allocated for Taxis ONLY.

2. Delivery of cargo is relegated to the designated pick up and drop off area situated directly outside the Exit of CBRTPP on the left-hand side which includes an access ramp to the Boardwalk.

3. Persons are encouraged to not linger in the Pick-Up and Drop Off area for more than 15 minutes.

4. Unaccompanied cargo should be placed managed by the respective Ferry Operator.

5. The Traffic Laws should be adhered to.

Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park encourages persons to Come, Shop, Stay and adhere to information on strategically placed signage. For updates and information on Tortola Pier Park Ltd. follow them on Facebook


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