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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

CDB donates $25K to furnish local shelters with protective equipment

CDB donates $25K to furnish local shelters with protective equipment

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has given $25,000 into the British Virgin Islands to equip various hurricane shelters across the territory with the necessary COVID-19 protective equipment.
Information & Education Manager at the Department of Disaster Management Chrystall Kanyuck-Abel told BVI News that several emergency shelters will now be furnished with sanitisation supplies and social distancing equipment.

“CDB identified that there would be a need to make some adjustments within the emergency shelters around the region in light of COVID-19. The idea is to ensure that all staff and shelters can continue to practice appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures,” Kanyuck-Abel stated.

“Funds are being used to procure personal equipment like masks and gloves as well as thermometers, cleaning supplies and sanitisation equipment,” she added.

This announcement follows a media release from the CDB back in April, where they stated that the regional bank was going to procure $3 million worth of personal protective equipment to assist its borrowing member countries in their fight against COVID-19.

CDB’s Vice President of Operations Monica La Bennett had stated that the bank’s purchasing power will allow them to gain access to items which would be difficult for some smaller countries to attain, as COVID-19 supplies are becoming scarcer.

The release also said that the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) and the Pan American Health Organisation were all going to work closely together with national governments to identify their respective needs before distributing the protective equipment.

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