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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Celine, Gucci, and More Want to Give Your Classic Pieces New Life

Celine, Gucci, and More Want to Give Your Classic Pieces New Life

It's all about the classics this season, but that doesn't mean your look has to be boring.

This season, it's time to dive deep into your closet and grab those classic pieces that you’ve been saving. From the versatile jumpsuit to the trusty trench coat, these style staples are getting remixed for spring. For L'OFFICIEL’s latest issue, designer Vanessa Seward-who worked at top fashion houses like Chanel, Saint Laurent, and Azzaro, before launching her own-shows how you can revamp these tried and true pieces and give a fresh new look to your personal style.

Blazer and pants HUSBANDS Shirt and tie SÉBLINE Necklace CHANEL Ring CARTIER Ring DIOR

Jacket and shirt LE VIF VINTAGE Skirt PRADA Shoes A.P.C. Belt VINTAGE Earrings CARTIER

Jumpsuit VANESSA SEWARD X LA REDOUTE Sweater A.P.C. Shirt SÉBLINE Shoes GUCCI Scarf HERMÈS Earrings and ring CARTIER Ring DIOR

Coat MAX MARA Jacket and pants MIU MIU Bag, bracelet and ring DIOR Earrings and ring CARTIER

Dress, hat, and belt GUCCI Shoes HERMÈS Earrings and ring CARTIER Ring DIOR


Cardigan and sunglasses CHANEL Shirt GUCCI Jeans A.P.C Belt CELINE Earrings CARTIER

Jacket SAINT LAURENT Jeans A.P.C. Shoes CELINE Scarf HERMÈS Sunglasses MOSCOT Watch, earrings, and rings CARTIER

Jacket and pants DIOR Bag CELINE Boots and belt (worn over) VANESSA SEWARD (worn under) VINTAGE Earrings and ring CARTIER Ring DIOR.

Poncho, shirt, and jeans CELINE Shoes REPETTO Watch, earrings, and ring CARTIER Ring DIOR Scarf VINTAGE


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David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory
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