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Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers faced criticism for referring to a BBC reporter as "good girl" after a match

Rodgers, facing the press after Celtic's 3-1 victory at Motherwell, sidestepped a question from Jane Lewis and patronizingly concluded with "good girl" before leaving.
Gender equality advocates from Scottish Feminist Network and For Women Scotland condemned the comment as belittling and called for an apology.

Rodgers had earlier dismissed a request for further insight from Lewis with a remark about Celtic writing their own story.

While the BBC, Lewis, and Celtic did not publicly respond, reports suggest no offense was taken by Lewis.

However, For Women Scotland highlighted the persistent casual sexism in sports, asserting Rodgers diminished Lewis's professional stature.

Conversely, sports journalist Heather Dewar suggested on BBC Radio Scotland's Drivetime that Rodgers's words may not have been sexist but were certainly patronizing. She questioned whether his remark was meant humorously.

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