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Saturday, Dec 04, 2021

Challenging times but hospital not underfunded

Challenging times but hospital not underfunded

Reports that the Health Ministry has been cash strapped and the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) has seen diminished supplies have been dismissed by Premier Andrew Fahie.

In an appearance on JTV’s The Big Story recently, the Premier said once the hospital or any health organisation makes a presentation, his government has made adjustments to ensure the entity has the necessary funding.

The Premier acknowledged that the BVI remains in very challenging times, but said monies continue to be allocated as needed, including a recent $500,000 disbursement to the Health Ministry.

“We have allocated monies for health so that they don’t have to wait and they can go ahead and do whatever is needed to be done,” Premier Fahie stated.

He further said no resources were spared to ensure the safety of the people of the Virgin Islands during the current COVID-19 surge.

Premier Fahie also pointed out that monies were allocated to the police and other law enforcement agencies recently.

According to the Premier, the reports of depleted funds and supplies amounted to nothing less than pure mischief.

Get educated and avoid misinformation

Meanwhile, Premier Fahie continued to encourage persons to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

He said persons should also continue to avoid misinformation and get educated on the facts concerning vaccination and how they should protect themselves through established health protocols.

He thanked several non-governmental agencies, including the Red Cross, Rotary Club, churches and other entities that have assisted so far in getting persons vaccinated.

The BVI experienced a spate of deaths since the start of a recent coronavirus outbreak where some 25 persons lost their lives in COVID-related circumstances at the Dr D Orlando Smith Hospital.

According to the latest figures from local health officials, positive cases have also reduced from a high of more than 1,600 persons to little more than 1,100 persons.


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