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Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Christmas surprise! Digicel gifts 10 customers with $1K each

Ten lucky persons were each given one thousand reasons to smile during the Christmas holidays as Digicel awarded a total of $10,000 in cash to selected customers.

The 10 recipients were Edith Pena, Marcia Fahie, Kayana Walters, Yamilka George, Niel Sulker, Solonica Grant, Garon Dixon, Jamal Mickle, Ripton Linday, and Quincy Woolford.

Each of the winners were informed by a Digicel representative that they had won a prize and were asked to meet at Digicel’s Flagship store in Road Town to collect their gift.

However, the details of the award were withheld from each of the winners until they were all allowed to unbox the gift in store.

Shocked and grateful

Speaking to BVI News after the surprise reveal, Woolford said he was both shocked and delighted to receive the gift from Digicel.

“I’ve been an avid supporter of Digicel ever since they came into the Virgin Islands so to be rewarded for the years of service from Digicel, it’s definitely a blessing. I’m grateful. It was a surprise. I got a call last evening informing me that I need to be here today because of some event they have running and I’m just grateful,” Woolford told BVI News.

“I am sure this is definitely going to be a plus to the holidays. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll do with it because I wasn’t expecting it but I am sure it’s going to be useful. I am a young business man so it’s very possible that it may be one of the things that may go into the business,” he added.

Was not expecting this!

Also sharing similar sentiments was Walters, who said the $1,000 gift prize was the last thing she envisioned after getting the call from Digicel.

“When I actually got the call, they asked if I would be available to come today and I was like, ‘ok sure’. I just figured maybe it’s just a goody-bag or a t-shirt or a hat but just to see that Digicel really wants to give back and just spread some love for Christmas, I am really grateful, I was not expecting this at all,” Walters said.

“I have been treating others, buying gifts for everyone so I think this is well-deserved for myself but I’m still going to splurge on myself and on others. So yes, I am going to do some shopping as well,” she added.

Best Customer engagement rate among all Digicel’s

Meanwhile, Digicel’s Marketing Executive Timothy Barker said the initiative was well received from the BVI public, stating that there was an overwhelming response.

He said: “We actually have the best engagement rate of all the Digicel customers across the market. Folks are asking us how are we doing it, how are we getting it done. It’s just that we’ve pushed it hard and we just want to make sure that folks know that Digicel is always there with them.”

In addition to the $10,000 cash giveaway, Digicel also selected other persons and awarded them with gifts such as mobile devices, discounts on plans, and free data packages.


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