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Friday, May 27, 2022

CIBC FirstCaribbean donates $1000 to FSN instead of year-end staff party

CIBC FirstCaribbean donates $1000 to FSN instead of year-end staff party

Instead of its seasonal staff celebrations, the staff at CIBC FirstCaribbean in the Virgin Islands (VI) agreed once again to instead donate $1,000 to people in need through the Family Support Network (FSN).

Prior to presenting the cheque before the Christmas holidays, Mr Amory Jervis, Country Manager of the bank spoke with Ms Jasmin D'Aguiar, Treasurer of the FSN, for an insight into the greatest needs of the not-for-profit organisation and its clients, CIBC FirstCaribbean stated in a press release today, January 18, 2022.

Basic pantry costs per month is $5000- FSN

"We had approximately 250-300 households register on a monthly basis with the Family Support Network for 2021. With household sizes of 2-12 persons, that's between 600-700 people per month that have needed assistance with life basics such as food and shelter," said Ms D'Aguiar.

"To give you an idea of outgoing funds and the need for continued donations and financial support, basic pantry costs alone are around $5,000 per month. Other monthly expenses include counselling services, office administration, rent and utility costs and other similar outgoings to assist persons in need.

"The FSN is a non-profit, non-governmental, organisation (NGO) whose primary aim is to aid individuals, couples and families affected by domestic violence but which has been working with persons affected by other factors including the COVID-19 pandemic that has had a devastating impact on people's socioeconomic situations. The budget for this year - 2022 - is $300,000 to help address immediate needs and to deliver long term solutions for affected persons and families. Financial gifts such as this are very much needed and gratefully received,” Ms D’Aguiar disclosed.

Bank recognises work of FSN

Mr Jervis expressed thanks for the FSN's work in the community and noted the bank's support of the charity for many years.

“The Bank and its staff are very much aware of the invaluable work done by the FSN and we have been trying to do what we can to help clients of the FSN since 2012. Over the years our Corporate and Social Responsibility committees have collected for and assembled food hampers, gifts for the children and donated funds to bring some relief to our fellow community members in need,” said Mr Jervis.

“It's with appreciation that we determined to skip the internal seasonal celebrations to support our community through the FSN instead."

According to the press release, the end of year donation is a reflection of CIBC FirstCaribbean’s top-down stance on the meaning of community spirit and the bank made similar monetary donations across the region to charitable organisations that support those in need.


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