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Monday, Oct 26, 2020

CIBC FirstCaribbean offers special financial assistance to clients affected by COVID–19

CIBC FirstCaribbean offers special financial assistance to clients affected by COVID–19

CIBCFirstCaribbean is committed to working with their clients, in their Retail, Business Banking, Wealth Management and Corporate Banking Segments to offer special assistance on a case by case basis for those adversely impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic.
This could include deferred payments; special loan financing and other concessions aimed at helping clients cushion the financial impact of the pandemic on households and business across the region.

Chief Executive Officer, Colette Delaney said the bank was “very conscious of the financial dislocation which the ongoing COVID -19 event will have on our clients across all segments of our business and we are moving to mitigate the effects as best as we can.”

She noted that the special assistance being offered was crucial to ensure confidence and stability in the regional banking sector as it weathered this difficult period.

Ms Delaney urged CIBC FirstCaribbean clients who may be experiencing challenges to reach out to the bank to see what assistance could be offered to them.

She noted that the bank is committed to offering eligible clients flexible financial solutions including:

6-month payment moratoriums on existing loans and mortgages.
Temporary revolving or working capital financing options for our Corporate Banking and Business Banking clients.
Clients experiencing financial challenges can contact:

Retail & Business Banking clients:–

Contact the Customer Care & Sales Center or Branch directly
Relationship Manager, Platinum Banking
Business Banking Manager
Corporate & Investment Banking Clients:-

Contact your Relationship Management Team directly by telephone or by email.
Wealth Management Clients:-

Contact your Relationship Management Team to arrange the earliest opportunity to discuss their specific needs, either by telephone or by email.
The bank’s clients can also make contact via email. There’s a list of email addresses on the bank’s website at We also recommend clients to visit us online, at to find additional contact information for CIBC FirstCaribbean offices in each territory.

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