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Monday, Oct 03, 2022

CMO advocates UK’s 10-day COVID isolation vs CDC’s 5-day period

CMO advocates UK’s 10-day COVID isolation vs CDC’s 5-day period

Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Ronald Georges said the BVI will be adhering to the UK recommended guidelines of 10 days of isolation for COVID-19 infected persons.
This is in considerable contrast to the five-day isolation period recommended by the United States-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“I know there is a lot of discussion about the CDC and the five-day period. With the UK guidelines, a 10-day isolation period is recommended and there is some consideration for persons who may test out at day seven with a rapid antigen test,” Dr Georges said.

He said any other changes will be made known through bulletins, press releases, or other statements as things progress.

Dr Georges further said persons who are sick should limit their exposure to other persons, particularly children and persons who may have chronic diseases or maybe immunocompromised.

“If you are sick, please do isolate immediately, please limit your exposure, please do wear a mask at all times around other persons and seek to be tested as quickly as possible by antigen or PCR,” Dr Georges said.

The CMO also said that health officials will continue to monitor the situation as it pertains to whether changes to isolation periods may be required and as it relates to business continuity, as this will be a very significant issue.

Dr Georges said business continuity remains a major concern with the Omicron variant next to the sheer numbers of infections that have been generated with the variant.

He said it is important for business owners to look at critical business functions and how these are supported, whether they be online or with critical staff.

The CMO further advised that vaccinated persons who are exposed to the virus should get a test within seven days, while unvaccinated persons should get a test within 10 days.

All persons who have been exposed and all persons who have been asked to isolate and who may be released at seven or 10 days should continue to monitor themselves for a full 14 days, he advised.

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