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Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021

COI not about gov’t corruption! More to it than meets the eye

COI not about gov’t corruption! More to it than meets the eye

Premier Andrew Fahie has said the recently ordered Commission of Inquiry (COI) is not solely about determining whether the BVI’s government is corrupt.

He said he believes it is a veiled public statement that the territory will always need external assistance in order to manage its own internal affairs, which also includes the execution of good governance.

The Premier shared those sentiments on a recently broadcasted social media talk show where he said he believes the “entities” in the United Kingdom are doing whatever is best at the moment to help with their own financial situation.

“Our purpose and our mission as OTs individually and collectively are not always mutually aligned with that of the United Kingdom. There are cultural differences that seem to never be understood. But we are in an era where some persons in the UK entity still refer to us as if they own us and we have to understand that those languages from more than 400 years ago has to be eliminated,” Fahie argued.

“This is larger than people are thinking. This is not about whether the present government is corrupt or good, this is about always making the people feel that we’re not good enough to police ourselves. It’s about always making us feel that we need help in areas where we can help ourselves,” he added.

Help needed but must benefit mutually

Premier Fahie did not completely rule out external assistance, but he said whenever it is warranted, it must be executed in a manner that it can be mutually beneficial to both parties.

“We will always need help from the outside. We’ll always need a good partnership. But the partnership must be mutually respectable and I have seen many governors come and go and that there is their mission with the UK,” he stated.

COI a target on all BVI gov’ts

The leader of government business further said he believes the COI, which was ordered by former Governor Augustus Jaspert, is not only targeting the BVI’s sitting government, but all previous governments that ever existed in the territory.

“What has happened right now with this governor, what he has done with us and how he has done it internationally is not by accident. That is part of a larger plan, and that there, God alone has to help us along with the work that we’re going to do as a territory that we must unite and come forward with because what they’re doing is trying to say from the existence of the BVI there has never been a good government,” Premier Fahie explained.


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