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Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

COI reassures public officers of option send info directly despite gov’t policy

COI reassures public officers of option send info directly despite gov’t policy

Despite the BVI government implementing a policy that will lawfully allow public servants to provide information to the Commission of Inquiry (COI), the COI is reminding government workers that they can still submit their information directly to the Commission which will guarantee full confidentiality.

A recent statement from the Secretary of the COI, Steven Chandler revealed that the government had taken steps to facilitate the provision of information to the Commission.

“The Commissioner has been informed and welcomes that it is BVI government policy that all ministries, departments, statutory bodies and government-owned entities provide appropriate and timely cooperation with the Inquiry. He also understands that the Attorney General, assisted by Withers Solicitors, will coordinate the implementation of that policy.”

Nothing to prevent direct submission to COI

Although the policy is in place, Secretary Chandler said public officers will still have the right to submit their information directly to the Commission if it is their preferred choice of action.

“The Commissioner wants to reassure the population of the BVI, and its public officers in particular, that whatever mechanisms the government adopts to assist the Commission, there is nothing to prevent those in public office who have concerns from coming forward directly to the Commission. They have every right to do so, and if they do their information and input into the Inquiry will be kept strictly confidential,” he explained.

Mediums of submission

To assist with the confidential submission of all inquiries, the COI is asking all persons to submit their relevant concern to the Commission’s secure website portal

In addition to that website, the Commission has also provided other mediums that ensure a secure platform to share all information. These include, “a dedicated email address, a WhatsApp phone number for messages or audio/video calls, and a UK postal address”. These other mediums are also listed on the Commission’s official website.

As the information continues to be received by the COI, Secretary Chandler has indicated that over the next few months the Commission will be involved in collecting further information and documentation mainly from public officials. This includes elected and statutory officials.


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