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Monday, Oct 02, 2023

COI’s approach to focus on ministerial level ‘too myopic’

COI’s approach to focus on ministerial level ‘too myopic’

Former legislator Myron Walwyn said he felt the Commission of Inquiry’s (COI) approach to the process was too short-sighted and may not have offered the best perspective after its conclusion.
Walwyn was referring to the COI’s move to focus much of its efforts on the performance of ministers of government and on current and former legislators as it sought to examine the state of governance in the BVI.

The former legislator said he would have preferred a far more intrusive look at the public service during the COI.

“I think the approach is just too myopic, particularly from a ministerial perspective,” Walwyn added.

The former legislator described some of the practices that had been taking place in governance as outdated and suggested they led to maladministration.

“There may have been mal-administrative practices, bad practices; things that over time may not be the correct thing way to do things, but by the practice of doing it, this way has morphed into this,” Walwyn said recently.

He further argued that if there is corruption in a ministry then it “must have a pathway to walk”.

“A minister can’t do certain things by himself, somebody has to process the stuff and move it along,” he added.

The former legislator said it would have been better to get an extensive look at the public service to clearly see what needed to be addressed within the service to make things better.

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