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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

COI should not be an impediment - Premier

COI should not be an impediment - Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie has contended that the ongoing Commission of Inquiry (COI) should not be viewed as an impediment to the people of the BVI.

The Premier’s remarks came last evening, October 19 during the governing Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP’s) Let’s Talk radio programme.

“We’re going to get it right. We’re going to continue to be better,” Premier Fahie stated. “I feel that the COI, once done in a transparent and accountable manner with a just outcome will help us to become better. But in no way should it help us to become bitter, in no way should it be an impediment for us to continue to be more forward-thinking and more forward with what we want to do with these Virgin Islands.”

In the recent past, the Premier insisted that the COI has been shown much like a microscope on the BVI, but highlighting only the shortcomings of the territory, while simultaneously declining to acknowledge its substantial growth and progress.

We’ve had our share of missteps, but so have others

And while acknowledging that the BVI has made its own share of missteps, Premier Fahie asked the question, “what country has not made missteps here and there?”

He argued that anyone that seeks to point out your weaknesses likely sees your strengths more than you do and suggested that the only barriers the people of the BVI can possibly have are those that its people place on themselves and on each other.

According to the Premier, the BVI’s future is in its own hands.

He also said the territory needed to advance constitutional talks in the 21st century and beyond that reflect that it can man its own ship in a transparent and accountable manner.

I don’t just say things that people want to hear

Meanwhile, in addressing his own critics directly, the Premier denied that he was inclined to only say things that persons want to hear.

“I don’t do that. What I do in life is try to stay positive. I’ve met enough persons that are negative and they’re taking up that part of the stratosphere and I don’t need to deal with that,” Premier Fahie said.

Further exuding positivity, the Premier stated that problems are an inevitable aspect of life and persons will always encounter struggles, but he added that strength comes from the way in which these struggles are dealt with.

The Premier said the BVI also has success and should not allow persons to only “allow us to look at the areas we need to improve upon and not at the same time look at the areas where we have done well on.”


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