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Saturday, Aug 13, 2022

COMMENTARY: We must not help COVID-19 kill us

COMMENTARY: We must not help COVID-19 kill us

Many are quick to take credit for good but no one takes accountability for bad. A week ago, all wanted to be praised as gods for ‘protecting us from COVID-19’. Today, it’s everyone else’s fault that persons die.
Like all oppressed people from the ages of slavery to the pages of now, we have been forced to be religious since, whenever there is no real help, the people are obliged to turn to imaginary friends.

We did not get here by accident, and while their best response is, ‘this is the time to find solutions and not point fingers’, the fact is, no solution can ever be found unless the problems are first pointed out.

Unfortunately, most were too busy currying favour with the leaders, which left me alone in speaking ‘truth to power’. The Leaders refused to heed, COVID-19 mushroomed and our people are now dying.

Furthermore, failure to recognize mistakes is a pledge to repeat them and my actions were not designed to make me popular but to prevent the present crisis from happening.

Unfortunately, those with the power to act seemed to be profiting and never felt the pain of the people. So, rather than getting the private sector involved in the solution, they treated non-government workers like common criminals.

Starve a cold, feed a fever

They were quick to lock us up for showing human kindness and, as private healthcare providers whom they owed for six months, they still blocked us from getting food, and connived with Labour & Immigration to block or take away our medical staff for themselves.

Again, they now call on us to sacrifice even more because their cherished public servants refuse to function or have gone into hiding. Investigations after the fact may be nice but will not bring back lives.

We may sympathise with persons believing that praying and fasting rather than plans and works will be the solution but, it is inexcusable that our medical professionals would condone such instructions when they know persons threatened by a virus should never be instructed to fast since this will further weaken their immunity and lead to death.

Having to fight this battle reminds me of having to fight against our own government and the UK to get a new hospital and Beef Island bridge. But this is far more serious — this is your life and unless we wish to die, we cannot condone or continue willful ignorance.

We need help badly and it must begin with ourselves. Please check the things I said from day one and apply as required before time is expired.

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