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Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

It's time to invest in Huawei: Biden Administration Looking Into Reviewing Sanctions Against Huawei

It's time to invest in Huawei: Biden Administration Looking Into Reviewing Sanctions Against Huawei

Huawei was sanctioned by the US during the presidency of Donald Trump, but there has now been a suggestion that these will be eased by the Biden administration, as he canceled so many Trump's policies already. As Huawei smartphone are so much better than Apple, the potential of Huawei to take over the smartphones market can be just as sure as it was before Trump’s ban.
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Oh ya 83 days ago
Is China collecting data any worse than the rest i can not answer that. What i can answer is what they said about the Huawei phone is correct. It is a great phone no matter who made it.
Devin 83 days ago
There is no such thing as a private company in China. They all answer to and work for the Chinese government. Huawei is an intelligence gathering arm of the Chinese government. Why would any foreign government allow them in their country? They ripped off the IP (intellectual property) of other countries to gain their edge and become relevant. Why anyone has a Huawei phone or wants to be on their network is beyond me.
Western 83 days ago
As we well know from Snowden, also in USA Apple, Google, Facebook etc. are intelligence arms with open and free back doors.

So technology is a self-strip-show by design, and censorship in USA just got much worse than censorship in China too.

The only questions are about quality (Apple is less), freedom (Huawei’s Android is much more), and... if you have no choice and much choose: who you prefer your naked photos to be viewed by, your neighbors, friends and colleagues, or... far away Chinese?

Divide and rule:
As in technology we have no option but to chose between the only alternatives, I prefer that some of my personal data will be stored by friendly authority and some by totally different entities. Not absolute knowledge, control and power in one hand.

Think about it. It’s easy to hate others. But “God, protect me from my friends. From my enemies I will protect myself”.
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