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Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

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Former U.S. election official 201 days ago
It has already been established that multiple violations of state and federal election laws have occurred. Secondly, the Dominion voting machines and software have manual and program security problems, manual access to "correct" ballots, and a lack of proper auditing processes due to its data anonymization feature after ballots are scanned. This is a matter of public record over a number of years. If someone wants to cheat, the system is available. That's the reason political parties are required to all have matched observers and why the Republicans were not allowed to properly observe in key Democrat cities due to "corona virus distancing" and other illegal impediments. Dominion conducted multiple system updates on election night despite its VP of Engineering stating on camera several years ago it's not permitted to conduct updates with recertification. The question remains will it all be exposed in time and will the courts demur.
General Butler 205 days ago
Not even funny. The situation is serious. Even if it is proven that Biden did, in fact, receive as many legally cast votes as proclaimed, everyone the world over should be gratified that there are people who care enough about honesty and transparency to risk their careers, and lives, to assure all the legal votes are counted and that no rigging by way of voting machines, or otherwise, occurred. Give the process time to reach a fair and honest conclusion.
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