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Monday, Nov 28, 2022

An American senior officer makes it possible to understand Putin in three minutes, in plain language

An American senior officer makes it possible to understand Putin in three minutes, in plain language

The justifiable condemnation of Putin for killing Ukrainian civilians will not help the Ukrainians if we ignore the justifiable reasons that led Putin to go to war. The heroism of the Ukrainians is commendable, but not their blindness to understand what motivated this war.
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Frank Rizzo 266 days ago
Putin apologist
MHogan 270 days ago
Thanks for this alternate reporting. In this instance, there are 3 sides—that of Putin, that of Zelensky, and ultimately The Truth. Tired if being bombarded with those sympathetic to the WEF—they are the real enemy. Biden is a buffoon leading us down a bad path. As world citizens, we need to open our minds, educate ourselves, and decide to whom to listen.
Kbamfield 270 days ago
Putin said he didnt know why the Ukrainians were sacrificing themselves for the Germans and so think about this as its a direct dig at the WEF and Klaus Schwab and his totalitarians agenda - thank god Russian put a pin in that bubble - however more to come as the WEF et al did not spend all these billions and lock everyone down for 2 years to simply retreat - now is the time to mop up the perpetrators legally - these are Schwab, Gates, Fauci, FDA, WHO CDC, and major heads of governments around the world that mandated things when legally they could not
To Rob 270 days ago
Come on... what do you say? that NATO placing there flowers and chocolates?

Why NATO provoked Russia while who is paying the price is Ukrainian and not NATO countries?

Why NATO broke the statue quo that works peacefully for so many years?

What's the point to push a strong leader to the wall with no other choice than fight back?

Why NATO use Ukraine as a cannon fodder? Ukrainian lives also matter you now?

Why Ukraine must fight for the freedom they absolutely had before NATO start using them to provoke their sister-country, Russia?
Rob 271 days ago
There are no missiles there and none have been planned.
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