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Monday, Aug 02, 2021

Commission Of Inquiry Courting Public Officers

Commission Of Inquiry Courting Public Officers

The Commission of Inquiry into Government corruption has extended an invitation to public officers to directly engage the investigation into government corruption.
The sole Commissioner, Sir Gary Hickinbottom has been informed and welcomes that it is BVI Government policy that all ministries, departments, statutory bodies and Government-owned entities provide appropriate and timely cooperation with the Inquiry. He also understands that the Attorney General, assisted by Withers Solicitors, will coordinate the implementation of that policy.

"The Commissioner wants to reassure the population of the BVI, and its public officers in particular, that whatever mechanisms government adopts to assist the Commission there is nothing to prevent those in public office who have concerns from coming forward directly to the Commission. They have every right to do so, and if they do their information and input into the Inquiry will be kept strictly confidential," the Commission explained in a statement.

The Commission has expressed extreme gratitude for the information that has been shared to date, and for the constructive engagement he received during the Commissioner's visit to the Islands in January/February; and for the information which continues to flow in.

The next stage of the Inquiry, expected to last several months, will involve seeking further information and documentation predominantly from public officials, including elected and statutory officials.

The Commission encourages anyone who would like to submit information relating to the Inquiry to do so as soon as possible via the secure website portal ( As well as the website portal, the Commission has provided a number of different and secure ways for individuals to share information with the Inquiry Team, including a dedicated email address, a WhatsApp phone number for messages or audio/video calls, and a UK postal address – all detailed on the website.

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