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Thursday, Aug 05, 2021

Commissioner confirms Rodney Simmonds was murdered

Commissioner confirms Rodney Simmonds was murdered

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews has shed light on one of two ‘unexplained deaths’ this year, explaining that investigators have concluded that Rodney Simmonds’ was murdered.
Confirmation of Simmonds’ murder now brings the BVI’s official murder count to four since the start of 2021.

Simmonds who was found dead at his home in Threadfall on February 5 was allegedly shot. And according to Commissioner Matthews, the alleged attacker has subsequently died.

“With regard to the sad shooting of Rodney Simmonds on February 5, that is leaning towards being detected because we do believe that we know the answer to that shooting. We do believe the person involved in that shooting has subsequently died,” Commissioner Matthews explained.

It’s unclear whether Simmonds’ attacker died of natural causes or due to violence.

But the Commissioner said he is unable to reveal more information about the ongoing case.

“It would be wrong of me to start publicising things without having completed our enquiries which do take several weeks when we have to take DNA off weapons and send away to the US for testing and comparison so I’m very comfortable in regards to that and I’m very comfortable with the progress that the homicide team has made to date,” Commissioner Matthews said.

On the day of Simmonds’ death, the body of another man – Andrew Skeritt’s was also found in Carrot Bay.

This was defined as another unexplained death by the cops who’ve also said the incidents are isolated.

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