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Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

Companies, residents to cash in on derelict vehicles

Companies, residents to cash in on derelict vehicles

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone has announced that his ministry will be entering into a sales agreement with companies interested in purchasing scrap metal directly from the government.
Minister Malone said the move is part of the territory’s plan to eradicate derelict vehicles from the BVI.

He said the Cabinet recently approved Tortola Concrete Products to process and export derelict vehicles and other scrap metal out of the territory.

And very soon, persons will be able to earn $80 for every derelict vehicle they turn over to the government.

“All remaining derelicts on Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Tortola will have no hiding place. An $80 bounty would be paid on any derelict that is spotted, marked and transported to an approved location of each of the islands.

Once delivered to Pockwood Pond, we expect to completely remove all derelict vehicles and scrap metals from the temporary derelict vehicle site in Pockwood Pond and the temporary dumpsite in Cox Heath which were both created as a result of hurricane Irma,” Minister Malone explained.

The issue of derelict vehicles became a serious concern immediately after the 2017 hurricanes when a number of vehicles were destroyed and had to be discarded by owners.

Since then, the government has been exporting scrap metal from the derelicts and was pushing to have the remaining material out of the territory before the end of 2019.

This is because the lease agreement for the area in Pockwood Pond where the derelict materials are being currently stored expired at the end of 2019.

However, the landowners have since granted the government permission to continue using the land to temporarily house derelict vehicles.

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