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Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Concerning! Premier responds to residents opposed to helping SVG

Concerning! Premier responds to residents opposed to helping SVG

Premier Andrew Fahie has said he is concerned that some locals are opposed to assisting residents of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) affected by the ongoing eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano.
The government along with other local organisations recently organised a barge with water and relief supplies to St Vincent.

It also announced that a policy is being created to house SVG residents who’ve had to evacuate. But some locals said they do not support that move.

“I can’t subscribe to that as a leader. But even if I wasn’t Premier, I couldn’t subscribe to that as a child of God — as a human being. So I am asking those few in our society who have that kind of philosophy to search your heart good. Again, I am not saying that we must overcrowd the BVI like some persons are running around saying. But if there are those who need help, we have to see how it’s properly organised,” Premier Fahie said while responding to anti-humanitarians locally.

The Premier said he understands the “suffering” brought on by COVID-19 but said the BVI shouldn’t shy away from helping its Caribbean neighbours in its time of need.

He further reminded residents that St Vincent came to the BVI’s rescue when hurricanes Irma and Maria ripped through the territory back in 2017.

“So I am concerned when I meet persons who tell me about, ‘don’t help and leave that alone’. How could you? What Bible are you reading and how is your comprehension when you reading? Fahie question.

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