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Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

CONFIRMED: Premier to press for Order in Council removal on UK trip

CONFIRMED: Premier to press for Order in Council removal on UK trip

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has confirmed that he intends to press United Kingdom (UK) officials to remove the parliamentary Order in Council during his upcoming visit.
Governor John Rankin previously noted that the Order in Council will be held in reserve in the UK to facilitate a suspension of the BVI’s constitution.

However, this suspension would only come into force if the BVI were to renege on its commitment to implement agreed-upon Commission of Inquiry (COI) recommended reforms or if he assesses that progress on their implementation is being frustrated in any way.

But Premier Wheatley told reporters at a recent press conference that he intends to meet Minister for the Overseas Territories Lord Zac Goldsmith on the issue.

“I will be meeting with the minister [Goldsmith], and I certainly will advocate for the Order in Council to be lifted,” Dr Wheatley expressed.

Things going well

The Premier’s statement comes as he asserted that things are “going pretty well” with the BVI’s implementation of the COI-recommended reforms in the territory.

“As I stated before, the majority of the recommendations have begun. Of course, we have lots of reviews. Many of them are coming in right now, which will, of course, help our completion rate,” the Premier said.

“But the important thing is the majority of things which should have been started already, have started already” he added.

With the exception of some items which he said were ‘lagging behind’, Premier Wheatley said his government was on track with reforms agreed to in the framework document signed with UK officials. 

In the meantime, Dr Wheatley said his trip was centred on advancing the economic, political and environmental interests of the territory.

During the anticipated UK trip, Premier Wheatley is also expected to engage members of the BVI All Party Parliamentary Group and other UK parliamentarians who have an interest in the BVI. 

The territory’s leader further disclosed that he also intends to meet with BVI students and citizens in the United Kingdom to hear their concerns and ideas.

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