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Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

Contracts valued a combined $1.7M awarded to two companies for rehabilitation of Admin Complex

Contracts valued a combined $1.7M awarded to two companies for rehabilitation of Admin Complex

Two government contracts with a combined value nearing $1.7 million have been awarded to two externally-based companies for the rehabilitation of the Ralph T O’Neal Administration Building in Road Town.

Works Minister Kye Rymer made the announcement while stating in the House of Assembly that repairs to the complex have been moving at a reasonable pace.

An Aruba-based company Professional Roofing has been awarded a $1,349,304.

“They are contracted to do reroofing, which includes removal and replacement of waterproofing membrane. Presently all materials are on site, the cleaning and roof preparation is about 80 percent. The membrane installation has commenced on the west area of the roof,” Minister Rymer stated.

More than $300K for skylight replacement

He also said Western Glass Suppliers has been awarded $318,600 for the replacement of the building’s skylight.

“They are contracted to conduct and complete reinstallation of the entire skylights. Presently, frames were ordered on December 5th, and will take six weeks to arrive. Glasses were ordered will also take up to eight weeks to arrive. Demolition will take one week, prior to the arrival of the frames,” Rymer said.

The minister also stated that the tender process to undertake the vertical glazing of the complex is in its final stages.

He said recommendations will be forwarded to the tender board then to Cabinet for approval soon.

He said: “Tenders were invited to tender for the bid to procurement and installation of impact-resistant windows, doors, and frames. Presently 12 tenders submitted bids which were open on 26 November 2019. Eight tenders were evaluated by the tender technical group on the 29th of November, 2019.”

OBM Int’l another successful bidder

Rymer added that architectural firm OBM International was successful in their bid to provide consultancy services for the rehabilitation of the complex, and is currently awaiting approval from the tender board and Cabinet.

“In order for the government to secure the loan from Caribbean Development Bank, one of the requirements was that for the government to engage with a third-party consultant to carry out the consultancy services for the engineering and architectural design, construction supervision and contract management for the rehabilitation of the complex,” Minister Rymer explained.


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