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Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

Coronation or just another nail in the children’s coffin?

Coronation or just another nail in the children’s coffin?

Preventing our Children’s Tomorrow from being their Grandparents’ Yesterday:
Our need to move forward is long overdue, and it is painful to watch as Leaders re-deposit our Children back into 21st Century Slavery… The more we cry for change, the more things worsen or remain the same, and we are afraid to imagine Long-term effects, because we are already seeing the short-term damage in the forms of Strokes, Deaths and Murders… Funerals have been too frequent and unbearable.

As the bridge between our Children’s Past and Present, Life brings us face to face with the conflicts of Nature… We build Farmers Markets without securing the Suppliers, so we hold out our palms, begging for rain but the Sun simply gets hotter… No doubt, Rains will come eventually but we hope it’s sooner rather than later… After all, People who perish from lack of Vision, often do so, from the lack of Food.

There is no comfort in Worldwide events… It seems that the Clock is running backwards, as Hurdles we passed long ago come back to haunt us… Many seek to obliterate our history, and demean our accomplishments, and if they succeed, Tomorrow’s Children will be worse off than their Grandparents, and as the line of poverty grows, these Credit Card Babies will have to work harder just to stay in debt.

This Generation is in a fragile situation, for, while we grew up hungry and knowing what it meant to be in need, our Children grow up feeling entitled, and only knowing what it means to demand from us… Much of this can be blamed on Bad Leadership, but parents are not blameless… If we recognise facts, and we can see things as they are, then we have an obligation to rescue our Children and those less fortunate.

All of these persons are our responsibility, and it won’t be easy… If it were, it would have been done already… Solutions may require speaking Truth to Power, and though this will not always set us free, our Life and Liberty, depends on it… In tackling the mission, we should never doubt our capabilities or be ashamed of ourselves as a people, for if we do, there is no reason for others to help us, or give a damn.

Is this Our Official Return to Colonialism?

You may not listen or accept the things I say, and that’s unfortunate, because the message is bigger than you and me… Parents make the plans, but only the Children can complete the mission, so this is about Truth for the Youth, and I am not good at being a Puppet or Slave… When my warnings come to pass, it’s not magic or prophecy but simply about raw facts and open secrets that all with eyes can see.

Slaves and Royal Subjects relax when they think the Coronation is over, but to their Lords and Masters, the Rule has just begun… Others should have faith, for while Oppression may seem endless, that too shall pass, and, although the noise around us is deafening, the time will come for us to choose between this short-term excitement, and the long-term vision of where we are now, to what could be and should be.

Some still think that ignorance is bliss, so they have no desire to escape Babel or the Gardens of Eden… We prefer to base our lives on catchy slangs that are designed to retard our intellect… We cancel commonsense, ignore reality, welcome conspiracies, and argue to death about the invisible Gods that we claim created all men equal… It doesn’t matter that our experiences show differently.

Fact is, no two persons can be physically, mentally and socially the same, since that would require us to be carbon copies, in both physique and mentality… This would mean sharing the same opinions and being the same persons; Kings, Queens or Beggars… Instead, Nature has made each of us original, even if we alter the model… Furthermore, as copies, our Leaders won’t need to attend UK Coronations.

However, they proved our point by jetting off to England, as if, being in Massa’s presence would make them more equal and important… Instead, this more likely exposed a lack of self-pride, social monkeyism, and insignificance … It is disgraceful that while Prince Harry’s Wife, Meghan, was rejected for being considered black, we glued our Eyes to TV Screens for Royal Coronations that would never benefit us.

With all the Reports that indicated racism and anti-immigrant sentiments being high on the Agendas of US Republicans and UK Conservatives, we still pick Whips to beat ourselves… Our very first Official action jeopardized our future by spending Monies we do not have, on personal quests to impress, at what can be labeled, a White Supremacy Crowning, at which, the only Black Royalty was most absent.

Recognizing our Identity & Safeguarding our Dime:

It was no accident that Biden and other Leaders chose not to attend… Most National Leaders know that bowing to Monarchies, is undemocratic, self-defeating, and can only lead us back to the dark era of Colonialism and the bondage of our Ancestors… Even UK Citizens were prepared to protest the event, until misguided Leaders drafted Laws to arrest them, thereby taking away their Civil Rights.

Such actions degrade National Pride, undermine our Birthrights, and should never be an aspiration… I still recall, a generation ago, I was forced to meet the Queen, when the Headmaster selected me as Head Boy and outfitted me with pre-arranged answers to pre-arranged questions… A few years ago, that picture was featured at Beef Island Airport, … I was the little boy in the black and white striped jacket.

Just like those clothes, that Role is outdated, and our people should never encourage Colonialism in any form or fashion… Neither should we accept uncomfortable and demoralising identities, just because some think that we have none… After all, there is no need to search for an Identity when we already have one… Africa may be a great continent and UK a great nation, but we are all proud West Indians.

After our Ancestors were stolen from Africa, they were cross-bred with various other Races and if that doesn’t make us English, then it shouldn’t make us African… Unfortunately, those who insist on calling us Africans, do not do so out of respect, but from a shallowness of their own minds… This is their veiled attempt to demean and embarrass us; and the moment we accept their label, we become their Slaves.

We are who we are and there’s no virtue in making ourselves enemies or puppets… Just as there is no reason not to appreciate UK’s help in times of crises like Covid-19, we have no obligation to beg and grovel… When they made our Ancestors their Slaves, they stole our Labour, Property and Opportunities so, based on Laws of Compound Interest, they owe us far more than they can repay with mere trinkets.

Credit Cards and Bad Leadership can sink a Nation, and we are already facing Financial Difficulties… The Election was a reminder that many would sell their Soul for a position of Power, and if they will sell themselves, then they will quicker sell us… Our Children are already in Deficit through the Power of Plastic, and we must be extra fearful of those who will save their own Dollar, but squander your Dime.

PS: Will continue addressing some of your Questions & Comments on Live BVP Radio Programmes

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