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Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

Cost to fund this year’s COI reforms to be provided by mid-July

Cost to fund this year’s COI reforms to be provided by mid-July

Within the next few days, the public will be made aware of the dollar figure attached to implementing all Commission of Inquiry (COI) reform projects happening this year.
Premier and Minister of Finance Dr Wheatley gave that indication at a recent press conference where he said discussions about budgetary supplementation for these projects are still happening.

“I should be able to provide an update on that sometime by mid-July. Of course, we have already put some monies in place in the last supplementary appropriation that we had in the House of Assembly,” Dr Wheatley stated.

“We provided monies for audits and investigations but there will be some additional funds that is supposed to take us to the end of the year. I do not want to give a wrong figure right now but by the time we do another supplementary appropriation in the House in Mid-July, we will have all the numbers that will take us through the end of the year,” the Finance Minister added.

The Finance Minister has admitted on a previous occasion that funding the proposed reforms has proven to be a financial challenge for the Virgin Islands government.

He also said the government has been funding the reform process out of the territory’s existing revenues.

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