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Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021

COVID-19 teaches us to look, listen & learn or lose

COVID-19 teaches us to look, listen & learn or lose

Learning is unlimited, Trusting Enemies is bad & Money does not circulate: Many would prod us into being quiet and depending on Prayers and Miracles for our rescue – Maybe they never bothered to research our History and are interested in repeating a dark history rather than create a brighter one… Fact is, we always fail when not participating in our own redemption and Judases like Thomas, Walker and Carson have made us easier to fool and rule.

The Trumps of the World know this so while we see him as the worst, he sees himself as the true Politician even if it means exposing Political Secrets and Practices… From Day One of his Agenda it was clear that his only interest in People was aimed at repeating his term in Office so breaking Laws and Customs didn’t matter and locking up Children or selling out Persons meant nothing to him.

In his ‘Good Old days’, Blacks were disposable merchandise so why should it matter if COVID-19 is killing them disproportionately? And, if the reopening of Schools and Work Places may boost their economy; why worry about unsafe conditions? … This is all about the Dollar and joining the bleat for short-term financial gains even if long-term health effects will make Productivity unsustainable.

Luckily, we do not elect Presidents or even Leaders – We elect Representatives who are supposed to do our bidding not their own… As a People, we cherish Formal Education and strive for our Children to achieve lofty academic goals; however, this only matters if the Children survive and the more, we reject Practical Commonsense the more Academic Theorists will help us hurt ourselves.

Those Parents who feel that all is lost in the absence of ‘classroom education, ignore the fact that in the real World our greatest Advances are not from Educated Elites but from those often regarded as uneducated and dropouts… Think about it – These persons gave us, Theory of Relativity E = mc2, Light bulbs, Automobiles, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Oracle, Dell, Twitter and many, many more.

Today’s learned Ones preach about keeping Monies circulating within Economies - and we buy into this concept - although there is no such thing as the perpetual motion of circulating money within trickle-down economies… In reality, all New Monies come from outside such Territories whether through Financial Services, Trade, Grants, Loans, Tourism, Government Fees or our Diaspora.

In crises, these Sources are reduced or dried up in Close-Border Lock Downs… All left is the remaining Funds within the Territory and even if we start off with 100% of these Funds being in the hands of the People, that is still subjected to existing internal conditions over which they have no control… The result is that within a very few Cycles, the dispersion pattern could be as follows:

– 35% goes to Government Taxes, Fees & Fines – 15% goes to Banking Obligations including loans and credit cards – 30% goes to consumable external Spending including the importation of food, medical supplies and building materials and 10% goes to Diaspora Money Exports… Since this process is continuous, the initial 100% spirals down to 50%, 25%, 12% and eventually to zero.

Most Fools trust others while failing to trust themselves:

Meanwhile, Internal Private Sector Generators like Services and Property Rentals grind to a halt and the acute reduction in gainful Employment and other Private Revenues, result in a lack of contributions to Social Security and other Government Revenue Collecting Agencies… Such a Territory becomes unable to maintain itself and Leaders may turn to selling out the Citizens Rights.

These are all likely to happen but we, as ordinary men, are expected to play dumb and leave our fate to the hands of Leaders… As an original BV-Islander I fear the return of the Colonialist Mentality and demise of our People so I cannot apologise for seeing things before others choose to… Back in January I spoke of the Wuhan Virus threat and even built a Screening Room in anticipation.

Persons may have regarded this a Noah’s Ark but now we are trying to play catchup in addressing the Crisis… Last Month, we raised relevant Questions and while there appears to be a mild attempt at some answers the overwhelming impression is that the Authorities and their enablers feel that our role is just to do as commanded or be labelled as trouble makers and unpatriotic for asking questions.

Again, I don’t think there is anyone more interested in the VI and its People and no one has shown me to be lying or misleading… However, our People are in deep trouble and what I say is in their interest at the risk of my own… Fact is, we are still seeing no Therapeutic Contingency Plans while Monies we cannot afford is being exported to import questionable Professional Advisors.

Some Facts are rough; especially when they are true:

Worldwide spikes in Positive COVID-19 results may be due to bad advice and premature easing of Curfews but it is also possible that if such cases are retested within 2 days for confirmation, we may find there are less cases than we think… God forbid we find ourselves in need of a 24-hour Lock Down in the absence of a Plan for the Procurement and Distribution of Food and Medicines.

Such a move would necessitate Social Security paying out more Sick Leave Benefits than they can reasonably afford; thereby bankrupting our only safety system… Each False Positive Test is an undue Financial strain and it would be far better to train and equip Private Sector Providers to perform the required COVID-19 Tests and play a greater role in trying to control this Pandemic.

Unfortunately, rather than distribute Donated Supplies to Private Providers where they may do the greater good; Government appears to be hogging these Supplies … Meanwhile, Universal Lockdowns are revealing that while Governments – Workers and Politicians – have the greatest say in determining the Economies they are also the most non-productive strain on these Economies.

Unreasonable Custom Duties are as unhelpful as when Immigration and Work Permit renewals become obstacle courses and pinnacles of Governmental inefficiency… After all, in this Digital Age, there is no reason why these Departments cannot access all required information from sister Departments without stressing these Workers unless the intent is to raise revenue based on torture.

Think about it – This is a Pandemic where Fear brings Stress and Stress brings Death so any undue Threats - including, paying Civil Servants to entrap Persons and Businesses in order to collect Fines - simply provide undue Stress on broke and struggling Persons and Businesses… While this may not be the intent of Leaders it can easily drive persons to Crime, Suicides and Homicides.

If you truly understand the seriousness of what I have said then you would realise that It is important for us to look, listen and learn… There is work to be done and contributions to be made and we are less likely to survive or succeed by following followers if these followers are also following followers - It’s good to sing Kumbaya and This too shall Pass but better to work with vision in making it happen.


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The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.

John D. Rockefeller Jr.
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