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Friday, Dec 03, 2021

Crackdown Coming On Loud Mufflers, Music

Crackdown Coming On Loud Mufflers, Music

The government will be moving to amend the current Road Traffic Act to clamp down on loud exhaust mufflers and loud music.
Hon. Kye Rymer, Minister for Transportation, Works and Utilities said that he wants to put the public on notice of the government’s plans to address the issue.

“…The nuisances of loudness of the scooters, vehicles with the music, the exhaust--we are putting those things in the amendments where we will have increased fines. We will also be looking to equip the police officers with testers so they can test the decibels that would be now mandated by law and fines would be attached to that,” he said in the House of Assembly on Thursday September 9.

The Fifth District Representative said that residents have been asking what the government is doing about the noise nuisance of both the exhaust mufflers on scooters and loud music emanating from vehicles.

“I am encouraging persons to get their vehicles sorted, get their mufflers sorted out as well. Because the noise, it is a nuisance. And persons ask us what we are doing as legislators, what we can do is amend the legislation,” he stated.

The minister said the Commissioner of Police and his team have been doing some work on the issue, but more is needed.

“But we will work to amend the legislation so that it has a bit more teeth, the enforcement side of it."

He said that public discussions will take place before the amendments are taken to the House of Assembly.

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