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Sunday, May 09, 2021

Crime linked to vehicles, more traffic enforcement needed

Crime linked to vehicles, more traffic enforcement needed

Transportation Minister Kye Rymer has renewed calls for more enforcement from the police traffic unit as he said most crimes are linked to transportation in one way or another.
He made that statement as the territory continues to reel from the shooting death of Catherine Pickering, who was killed during an armed robbery outside her home on Sunday.

“A lot of the crimes are linked to some sort of transportation. And under my portfolio, I’ve been speaking out about enforcement. I know during the last Standing Finance [Committee meetings] that there were only a few members in the police traffic unit. That needs to be revamped because in the absence of CCTV cameras, I think police patrol is necessary,” Rymer explained.

Rymer said because of little activity from the police traffic unit, many drivers have little regard for the law and get away with many vehicular breaches daily.

“There’s a restriction on tint, but there are a number of vehicles where you can’t even see in the vehicles. I know at some point the police would be out there doing their checks making sure that the front glass is 35 percent and the rear glass would be 20 percent. We have motorcycles traversing the roadway that are not legal. But we need to address these concerns that are linked to crime,” Rymer said in the House of Assembly.

He said he hopes these traffic concerns will improve with the newly appointed Police Commissioner and Governor.

The minister further said the government may have to consider harsh vehicular restrictions to get the desired results the government and public are seeking.

“I remember last year when this government put a restriction on the movement of motorcycles after a certain time — that created a stir in the community. But people understood after a time why we did that. But it seems they are asking for us to do the same thing because these vehicles — whether scooters or vehicles that are not legal for the roadway — we need to have a handle on that,” Rymer stated.

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