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Monday, Jun 01, 2020

Cruise prices drop amid COVID crisis

Cruise prices drop amid COVID crisis

In light of the effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic on the global tourism industry, cruise lines are offering deals at lower prices.
Travelers interested in playing a little gamble, can get cruises for September at very good prices – of course with the caveat that the COVID situation is still not over by then.

Online travel agent, Expedia, has deals for Norwegian Cruise Line [NCL], offering a four-night Bermuda cruise onboard the Norwegian Encore in September for $189, or $404 per person when you include taxes and fees.

While the cruises are being offered now, there is no guarantee the ports will be open by then, with that final decision in the hands of the Governments, not the cruise lines themselves.

Travelers should read carefully the booking conditions for refunds, in case the cruise is not organised. Expedia has had a bad reputation for refunding COVID related travel bookings, and offer Expedia credit instead. So, all sounds good and promising. However, we recommend you not to buy anything in Expedia before making sure that they can really deliver the travel they are selling.

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